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Howayzeh Hotel

Hoveyzeh Hotel is a 4-star hotel located in the most central part of Tehran with 150 rooms, including a variety of royal, single, double, and triple rooms, as well as family suites with a capacity of 300 beds.

Sefid Kenar Hotel

Sefid Kenar 4-star hotel is located next to the Caspian Sea and Bandar Anzali Wetland in Gilan province. Sefid Kenar Hotel welcomes guests with its unique views, rooms facing the sea and the forest in the green areas.

Kowsar Hotel

Kowsar Ramsar Hotel is located on the beautiful shore of the Caspian Sea in an area of ​​5 hectares in an area overlooking the forest, mountains, sea and among the towering palm trees. Every month, this hotel hosts various segments of the great nation of Iran, offices, organizations, various private and government companies and various sports groups.

Samen Hotel

This hotel is located at the beginning of Torqabeh road in a green and beautiful area and close to Shadi Park mountain, Vakilabad forest, Golestan dam, cycling track, equestrian club, Shandiz and other scenic, recreational and summer areas of the city.

Isar Recreational and cultural complex - Village Aramesh

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Kowsar Cultural and Tourism Organization, as one of the economic organizations of the Martyrs and Veterans Affairs Foundation, has started its activities since 1993. The subject of the activity of the organization is maintenance, improvement and optimal use of the foundation's facilities for cultural, tourism, sports, and recreational activities in order to attract and create more aspects for the implementation of the organization's goals.

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